Wooden Solar System - Cosmos Learning Game Toy


 Main Features

Astronomy is quite hard study, but it is definately important and exciting. With this wooden hand painted Solar System you will easily encourage your baby to explore the Universe.

All planets have signs, so everyone can easily identify them. It helps to learn Solar System properly.

Wooden Solar System has many small, but important features that makes it fantastic gift to all-aged kids and even for adults. It is unique addition to collection of advanced space lover and good start for interested one.

This wooden solar system is SAFE FOR KIDS, because I used only lead-free paint and peeled linden wood.
Each model is hand made therefore, each model will differ slightly in appearance but will remain a high standard toy that will support learning.

              Product Specifications

              • Material: Wood
              • Size: Outer Sphere: 8cm/Planet: 1.9*2 Cm/ Sun: 1.9 Cm/ Moon 1.9 Cm/ Rocket: 4 Cm/ Astronaut: 3 Cm
              • Weight: 200g

                          Package includes

                          • 8 Planets + sun and moon: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune + Sun and Moon
                            + Astronaut and rocket
                            + Space Box