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  • Even without any musical background, create haunting sounds in the palm of your hand with a magical music box.
  • This exquisite mini kalimba thumb piano contains a total of 8 keys and is a magic music box that produces soothing, calming, and appealing sounds.
  • It is an ideal gift for music lovers. Perfect for children and adults, small and compact.
  • Handmade with high-quality materials and uncomplicated to tune and use

Main Features

Easy to Learn and Enjoyable to Play

  • It can be mastered in a short time.
  • The mini thumb piano is a good choice for children and adult beginners.

Easy to Play and Enjoy Music

  • No musical foundation and only two thumbs can make beautiful sounds.
  • The thumb piano can also be played with other instruments, such as the ukulele and guitar.

Curved Armrest Design and Curved Keys

  • The ergonomic design and beautiful polished effect provide a more comfortable and convenient experience.
  • The sharp key teeth are engraved with notes, which is better for hand-eye coordination and less likely to fall off than other self-adhesive laptop thumb pianos.

Clever Design

  • With 8 keys engraved with notes, you can play directly without stickers, especially suitable for children, adults, beginners, and professionals.

                Product Specifications

                • Material: Wood + Clamps
                • Style: Wood / Crystal
                • Weight: 100g
                • Size: 8*6*3(cm)

                              Package includes

                              • MINI THUMB PIANO x 1