12 eyebrow straps in different shapes Template Straps

Get the perfect brows for whatever occasion effortlessly! 

These latest Eyebrow Template Straps help to shape your brows more easily than any other eyebrow tool. This is perfect especially for those who have problems finding their best-suiting eyebrow positions!

There are 12 different styles of eyebrows so you can draw the brows on fleek according to your moods! It's made from highly durable and long-lasting ABS plastic stencil. Choose the perfect stencil that matches your natural brow shape!

Main Features

    • Various practical browse templates to suit different needs
    • Easier & more convenient for drawing brows on fleek
    • High-quality & reusable
    • Suitable for makeup beginners/experienced makeup artists
    • Help to locate the suitable precise brow positions & spacing

    How to Use:

    1. Apply to a clean, dry brow
    2. Start with the angled, stiff-bristled brush by filling in sparse spots with short, feathery strokes or apply over the entire brow for a more defined look. Apply in the direction of hair growth
    3. Use included stencils as needed to achieve a perfectly uniform look

                Product Specifications

                • Material: PVC
                • Size: 25cm
                • Weight: 130g
                • Specifications: 12 Eyebrow Shapes

                            Package includes

                            • 12 eyebrow straps in different shapes Template Straps x 1