Halloween Holographic Projection


Do you spend a lot on holiday season decorations? The holiday season has two sides, from the thrilling and spooky times at Halloween to the cheery, family festive times at Christmas. Now this problem is solved because of the Window Projector You can save money and complete ur decorations with this product.  

Using a projector, these DVDs let you project scary scenes both indoors and outdoors on any surface. You can even use their projection screen material to make these projections look like they are coming out of thin air. You can also use your TV or monitor, but using a projector is what makes these scenes so realistic and creepy. Get ready for some scares.

The Window Projector comes loaded with 12 movies, 6 scary Halloween movies & 6 festive Christmas movies so when the holiday season comes round you'll always be prepared to stand out on your street. Simply set it up inside your home in front of a window and it projects films onto the outside window for people looking in.


So Easy To Set Up

Window Wonderland’s no-nonsense setup lets you enjoy your holiday window displays.  It’s so easy!

  1. Just place the projector inside your home near any unblocked window.
  2. Place the rear projection screen inside the window.
  3. Select a movie and project the show outside!  

Rear Projection Screen

Window Wonderland includes a 4-foot by 6-foot rear projection screen.  This allows the Window Wonderland projector to sit behind the screen and project out toward your audience (in this case, your neighborhood).  The translucent material allows light to filter indoors during the daytime, and your videos to project outside your home during the evening. The included rear projection screen fits most windows.


12 Festive Holiday Videos

Window Wonderland comes with 12 festive holiday videos pre-installed.  Dress your home up in spooktacular fashion with 6 Halloween videos (crazed chainsaw maniac, scary scarecrows, eerie eyeballs, dancing skeletons, creepy graveyard, or zombie attack).  Spread holiday cheer playing the 6 Christmas videos (shushing Santa, chirping winter cardinals, puppies in presents, fun-filled gingerbread house, a holiday train, and Santa spreading magic).

How does it work?

Window Wonderland projects high-end optic videos onto the included projection screen from the inside of your home.  Movies are displayed on the outside! A built-in audio jack gives you the option to connect external speakers (not included) to include sound with your videos.  When you decorate your home with Window Wonderland, you control the videos from the comfort of your home.  The projector is for indoor use. Thanks to the white translucent rear projection screen, videos are projected so the neighborhood can watch.

  • Product:  Window Projector
  • Color: Black
  • Light source: LED
  • Light source power: 5W
  • Protection level: IP43
  • Voltage: 110-220 (V)
  • Plug: British plug, European plug
  • Small size, 24*24*13cm, lightweight, 1kg, easy to carry
  • Package Included: 1× projection lamp, 1× power adapter, 1× bracket, 6×Halloween Animations, 6×Christmas Animations